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Welcome to the IUSD Vocal Music Classes 2021-20212 Ms. Lee had created this page for better parent/teacher communication. Parents will find all important information regarding Ms. Lee's vocal music classes on this page and through out the entire kafm.net website. All the future concert announcements, test announcements, audition application deadlines, and other important information can be found here. Please feel free to browse through all the other pages.


Parents Notifications


We are moving onto our next phase of music learning and starting this week, we will begin to use "Soundtrap" as one of our online tools.

Last call for the following Individual Projects:

1. A "Welcome and Check-in" Google Form
2. Make a "Welcome to Vocal Music 21-22" video on Flipgrid
3. Sing a "Welcome!" song on Flipgrid
4. Clap and Count "Singing Basics" page one on Flipgrid

These links will be disabled soon.


Have you finished all four of your individual music activities, including Google Form and Flipgrid projects?

New projects are on their way. Enjoy the weekend and see you next week!


Welcome back to school, students! There are so much fun learning ahead of us. Please always bring your Chromebook to Vocal Music. If you just switched to Vocal Music, you can click on Students World to catch up on things. When you have any questions, please ask!


Today is a student-free day. Enjoy! Maybe use the extra time to make up some of your music activities on Flipgrid?

To continue with our music study from different time periods and cultures, we will learn about the Gregorian Chants and Japanese Music this week. Click here to see the lessons.

Looking for the Japanese folk songs? Here they are.


Ms. Lee visited her inlaws over the weekend. Click here to see the beautiful California!


With only one more Kodaly hand sign to go, we will finish the major scale this week and start to learn our method and concert songs. Our students are making great progress on their individual activities. As of now, we have done the following:
1. A "Welcome and Check-in" Google Form
2. Make a "Welcome to Vocal Music 21-22" video on Flipgrid
3. Sing a "Welcome!" song on Flipgrid
4. Clap and Count "Singing Basics" page one on Flipgrid
5. Rhythm Composition 1


Ms. Lee attended the Pacific Symphony Orchestra's opening concert. Everyone was wearing masks and had to show proof of vaccinations. But it was worth every effort! Emanuel Ax was the piano soloist who played Mozart's piano concerto no.17. He did a fantastic job! The Tchaikovsky Symphony no. 5 was stunning! Live music is back in Orange County. Hooray! Click here to see the concert photos.


We are just one week away from singing the methods songs in "Singing Basics" and future concert songs. Congratulations!

In the meantime, be sure to turn in all works on Flipgrid, and get ready for Chrome Music Lab and Soundtrap!


How are you doing with your individual activities? Always check ahead of time before the due date to see if anything needs to be done.


Hello everyone, Ms. Lee is looking for everyone's two vocal music activities on the internet:
1. "Welcome to Vocal Music" Google Form - most of the vocal music students did this in class about two weeks ago,
2. "Welcome to Flipgrid" - individually done on Flipgrid, either in school or at home. If you have not done them, get going!

This coming week we have lessons about music genres and styles. Everyone will have a chance to try Chrome Music Lab before we take a piece of paper and use pencil to make a rhythmic composition in class!

If you just moved from an instrumental music class to vocal, no worries, we will help you to catch up soon. Welcome to Vocal Music!


Each Vocal Music student will receive a "Singing Basics" booklet this week. A three ring binder will be able to keep the pages in order perfectly. It is students' personal copy to use at home and school. Students can always find our Vocal Music class songs online, via this website or IUSD Vocal Music Canvas pages. The main difference is that this website does not need any login. We will tour each grade level Canvas page during this week's music lessons.

Ms. Lee will teach a lesson on the topic of "The Star-Spangled Banner" and get your own copy of the lyrics here.


Today is the Patriot Day. As a nation, we lost thousands of lives on 9/11/2001, but united as one people. America was built with all kinds of people that made us strong. Let's keep on doing what we do best and make the USA stronger!


Welcome back to a shorter week of music. If your school has music lessons on Mondays, Ms. Lee will squeeze in two lessons when she sees your child next. However, you can get all the lesson details by click here.


Wow! We have finished a whole week of school in person. Congratulations! The OC Department of Health had issued new guidelines for indoor activities. While the Winds class may change a bit, our Vocal Music class will stay the same: sing indoor with a mask for everyone. Ms. Lee recommends that you keep the social distance at all time.

Enjoy a fantastic Labor Day weekend!


Hello, Music Families! It is the first day of Vocal Music! If you have any issues regarding signing up your music class, please let your music teacher know. let's make music!


It is the first full day of school across IUSD. Welcome to your music class! We will learn about the opportunities of learning music in the Strings, Winds, and Vocal music classes this week. See you in class.


Looking for something to do with your family for this weekend? The Pacific Symphony Orchestra is offering a free concert to the public this Sunday, 8/22/21, at Aitken Arts Plaza at Musco Center for the Arts, at Chapman University. Due to the limited space, this free concert requires a reservation. Click here for more information.


Welcome to the first day of the school year 2021-2022! We are so happy to see you in person and to make music together in the days ahead. Get ready for lots of fun music activities and sing with your best voice! See you in class.


Here comes the first week of school at IUSD. All teachers will start to work today. Students are to report to their school on this Thursday, 8/19/21. If you are interested in Vocal Music this year, check out these early and easy assignments to get to know the class:

Hello, Welcome to Flipgrid! (done on Flipgrid)
Welcome and Check-in (done with a Google Form)


Checking out Ms. Lee's website here? You and your child are probably interested in Vocal Music for this coming school year. Please look around at this website, visit the different links, and come back often!

Click here to see Ms. Lee's latest travel photos. Enjoy!


Happy Birthday, America!

Enjoy summer and be safe, everyone!


Please email all your comments and questions to: kaii@kafm.net.


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