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Welcome to the IUSD Vocal Music Classes 2020-2021! Ms. Lee had created this page for better parent/teacher communication. Parents will find all important information regarding Ms. Lee's vocal music classes on this page and through out the entire kafm.net website. All the future concert announcements, test announcements, audition application deadlines, and other important information can be found here. Please feel free to browse through all the other pages.


Parents Notifications


Starting today, each student will have a "Soundtrap" account for more sophisticated songs. We will learn how to sign up and log in for this IUSD-approved app. Get ready for some serious music creativity and collaboration.


Did you know that 206 years ago on this morning that Francis Scott Key wrote the words of "The Star-Spangled Banner" on a ship? What a song!


It has been 19 years that this special day held all Americans together as ONE. We lovethe United States of America!

We all learn how to use the app, Song Maker, in Chrome Music Lab. It is your turn to create an original composition and submit it via Google Form, by next Friday, 9/18/2020. Happy Friday!


Happy Labor Day! No school and no homework!


As of today, your music teachers have met with each class at all five schools. It was wonderful to see all the happy faces! Now, let the music learning begin! Students may want to check out Chrome Music Lab to have some fun and get some music creativity going! No login required.


Even though it is the last day of this month, but it is the first day of music! Thank you to those students who made it on time and participated. We can hardly wait to see you on our next Zoom, Brywood on Wednesday and Eastwood on Friday. Enjoy the afternoon. There is no music homework!


Happy Friday! Your music teachers have teamed up for the starting of the school year for new adventures together. Enjoy a fabulous weekend and see you on Monday!


Here comes the first full week of school. Your music teachers are working hard to make the online music lessons fun for you and will be ready for presentations by next Monday.
8/21/2020 Your music teachers will work togetheras a team and be team-teaching throughout Distance Learning. This way, students have more support from the music team, especially for those students and families who are new to IUSD. We will start our music lessons in the week of 8/31/2020.
8/20/2020 Welcome to the school year 2020-2021! We have a unique way to start this school year. But everything is good to go and let's learn together!
8/1/2020 Happy August! Your music teachers have had a long Zoom meeting regarding this coming school year's lessons and plans. Every music teacher is eager to start and could hardly wait to see our students.
7/22/2020 Today is the last day for parents and students to choose a school model for each student to attend in 2020-2021 school year.

Happy 4th of July, America! Everyone please be happy and healthy!

Ms. Lee joined the Pacific Symphony Orchestra, Pacific Chorale, and the Chinese Feel Young Chorus to celebrate this beautiful day by singing "America, the Beautiful" in a virtural performance. The 300 tracks were put together by the recording technicians at PSO.


Please email all your comments and questions to: kaii@kafm.net.


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