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The following photos were taken in Las Vegas, Neveda, while Ms. Lee went to see the last John Legend's Concert, 10/29-10/31/22.

The lobby of the Aria Hotel



Another view of the decorations


The Aria window view


Take another look out of the window


A beautiful sunset at the Aria


Ms. Lee settled in her seat for the show, the last John Legend show in the USA in 2022, to begin


John Legend started with a celebration of his early church life


This scene was built on John Legend's early New York workdays as a new background singer


These three ladies are fabulous singers


A quartet between the four of them


A big piano was brought to front and center as John Legend shared about his early career with other famous musicians


The Vegas style of dancing was mixed with John Legend's songs


Everyone in the audience was on their feet and focused on the stage


Near the end of the show, after maybe 20 songs of singing


Last song for singing and dancing


In his three encore songs, John Legend sings about his gratitude for family, friends and love


Ms. Lee leaving the Zappo Theater onto the Las Vegas Blvd


A view from the top of the Ding Tai Fung restaurant, inside of the Aria hotel


The sushi bar at the restaurant called "Catch"


Ms. Lee had the "Waffle Tower" for breakfast and enjoyed the ice cream


Ms. Lee posted with the bronze sculpture


The Aria circle


The Aria cacti garden


A free tram ride away, the Bellagio chocolate shop has the world's largest chocolate fountain


The Bellagio indoor fountain


Another decoration inside of the Bellagio hotel


Ms. Lee leaving Bellagio with John Legend in the background


The Paris hotel is just across the street


Ms. Lee visited the young Kroesen's family in Vegas and saw Mr. Kroesen's son's lego typewriter


Ms. Lee and the two Kroesen boys


Mr. Kroesen and his younger son


Going out to have dinner with Mr. Kroesen and his wife


A happy couple, Mr. Kroesen and his wife





The following photos were taken while Ms. Lee celebrated her husband's 70th birthday in Maui, Hawaii, 10/8-10/13/22.

The first street sign we saw on a highway from the airport to Lahaina, Maui


While waiting for the hotel room to be ready, a coconut porter was delicious!


The first island sunset at Maui


This "half tree" was found on the wan to Hana on the "Highway to Hana", a very curvy road


One of the famous Hana Twin Falls


A perfect time for a selfie


This sign was really scary, but the trail was really friendly!


The lower fall of the Hana Twin Falls


Ms. Lee continued onto Hana via the coastline Hana Highway


A boat dock at Hana with kayakers in the bay


More waterfalls after a half day of light rain


A beautiful ocean view at Hyatt Regency Maui


"Drums of the Pacific" is the number one rated luau in Maui


Everyone participated in a quick hula lesson



A traditional luau dinner starts with some cool items


Ms. Lee took a low light selfie at the luau


A delicious poke bowl served at the Four Seasons Hotel, Maui


The island view from the Four Seasons Hotel's sun deck


Ms. Lee took a walk near the Four Seasons Hotel


The grounds of the Four Seasons Hotel


A view from the 6th floor at the Marriott Ocean Villas


Another delicious lunch, a ramen bowl served near the Maui Aquarium


The Maui Ocean Center with a hands-on pool for young and old


Green fish


Blue fish


Yellow Tail (Not for eating)


Purple fish


Star fish


A baby turtle


Ms. Lee at the aquarium backyard


Fish in Hawaiian

Aloha, Hawaii! We shall meet again!



Ms. Lee enjoyed an evening with her former students who attended ACDA Honor Chorus from 2014 through 2022.
These college and college-bound students from Brywood, Canyon View, Santiago Hills, Sierra Vista, and
Northwood High School of IUSD, and OCSA (Orange County School of the Arts) of Santa Ana District.


Ms. Lee's younger grand daughter, a super softball player, turned 16 and is fully liscened to drive her brand new car!


Ms. Lee was so happy to receive her new cello!


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