IUSD Vocal Music Activities 21/22 - No. 8


Pop Song Selection

What This is vocal music activity no. 8
When It is due on 12/5/2021
Who Every Vocal Music student

1. Watch the selected pop songs on Google Slides and take notes for each song like what a music critic would do

2. Form your own opinion of each song and choose/rank the top three of your choices

3. Open Flipgrid and log in with Google

4. Click on "Pop Song Selection" project, or

5. Click on Vocal Music Individual Activites and click on the blue "Pop Song Selection" to go to Flipgrid preject directly

6. Click on the BLUE RESPONSE button to record a video (60 seconds max) of you telling us the reasons of your top choices.

7. The grading rubric includes content, clarity, and presentation

8. A partial presentation will earn a partial grade.

9. Your own performance of playing, singing, or humming of a pop song is welcome, for extra credit!

Why To make sure that you know pop music is ageless!


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