IUSD Vocal Music Activities 21/22 - No. 4


Singing Basics Page 1

What This is vocal music activity no. 4
When It is due on 10/3/2021
Who Every Vocal Music student

When you are ready to show what you have learned, use the "Record/Upload Media" button on the Canvas page to record your clapping and counting of:

One (1) Whole Note and one (1) Whole Rest

Two (2) Half Notes and two (2) Half Rests

Four (4) Quarter Notes and four (4) Quarter Rests

All together, you should have 24 counts of rhythm! Good luck!


1. Use this "Flipgrid" link to start

2. Choose the correct topic first onn the left

3. Follow the "Flipgrid" steps to complete your recording

Why To make sure that you know how clap and count quarter, half, and whole notes/rests


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