IUSD Vocal Music Assignments 2021 - No. 6


Diatonic Scale & Kodaly Hand Signs

What This is vocal music assignment no. 6
When It is due on 3/21/2021
Who Every Vocal Music student

In this assignment, you will prepare to sing a diatonic scale:

1. Hum, then sing the diatonic scale, Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do (ascending/up) and Do-Ti-La-So-Fa-Mi-Re-Do (descending/down)

2. Use Kodaly Hand Signs to show directions of the tones

3. Click and connect to Flipgrid, when you are ready to record your singing

4. Click on the red recording button to record your diatonic scale singing

5. Be sure to have your hand signs visible on your video

Why To understand the raise and fall of pitches in a diatonic scale can be supported by using the Kodaly Hand Signs

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