IUSD Vocal Music Assignments 2021 - No. 4


Sing the Welcome Song

What This is vocal music assignment no. 4
When It is due on 2/14/2021
Who Every Vocal Music student

In this assignment, you will prepare to sing the "Welcome!" song, by using the Canvas page "Record/Upload Media" button:

1. Download the sheet music for "Welcome!"

2. Listen and watch the "Welcome!" video again

3. Use either the lyrics and/or the music notation to follow along

4. Record your singing by using the "Record/Upload Media" button above.


1. Use this "Flipgrid" link to start

2. Choose the correct topic first onn the left

3. Follow the "Flipgrid" steps to complete your recording

Why To make sure that you know how to sing the "Welcome" song
Sheet Music 4th Grade 5th Grade 6th Grade

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