IUSD Vocal Music Assignments 2021 - No. 10


Sing "For We Wish You Music"

What This is vocal music assignment no. 10, the last one!
When It is due on 5/9/2021 (Mother's Day)
Who Every Vocal Music student

In this assignment, you will sing and record "For We Wish You Music" on Soundtrap:

1. Learn the individual grade level melody

2. Learn the correct lyrics

3. Open the Soundtrap file: 3rd/4th Grades combo, 5th/6th Grades combo, and 6th Grade only classes

4. Practice with the piano and grade level tracks

5. Record your singing on the "Student" track

6. Click "Save" before you exit the studio

Why To learn the proper way of singing "For We Wish You Music"

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