6th Grade Vocal Music Classes (with Kaii Lee)

The VAPA department is committed to providing each child with access to quality arts learning experiences everyday through the best artistic instruction so that every child can realize their aspirations.

The following activities are created with the on-going rehearsals and the possibility of 6/5/2020 as the last day of school in mind.

What's New? | Weekly Work Progress Survey | Ear Training | Rhythm Composition 3 | Warm-up Singing | Rhythm Reading/Clapping
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| Singing Basics (pdf) | Singing Basics (mp3) | Singing Basics (Video) | Concert Songs (pdf) | Concert Songs (mp3)
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What's New in 6th Grade Vocal Music?


Welcome to 6th Grade Vocal Music 2020!

Your first assignment is to watch a short video called "Welcome!", learn the song and be prepared to sing and discuss about "Welcome!"

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Use Flip Code - iusdkaiilee

Flipgrid Videos


Distance Learning Work Progress Survey

Date Forms will be updated weekly on Mondays Due Date
8/20/2020 6th Grade Vocal Music Distance Learning Survey #1 9/13/2020

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Ear Trainging

Date Worksheet Video Due Date
9/4/2020 September Ear Training September Ear Training Video 9/11/2020


Monthly Practice Records

September October November December


Rhythm Composition 3 Project

Warm-up Singing Exercises

1. Download the Rhythm Composition 3
2. Imagine how your pattern(s) will look and sound like
3. Plan where to put the notes and rests. Select from the following notation.
4. Decide on the time signature first and use barlines.
5. Evaluate and improve your rhythm composition, if necessary.
6. Know how to present (clap, snap) your own patterns.
7. If possible, scan the finished rhythm composition and email that to Ms. Lee, at  kaiilee@iusd.org, for your personal feedback.

1. Click here for warm-up exercises
2. Click here for different warm-up exercises
3. When singing the scales, use Page 8 of "Singing Basics" for the hand signs
4. Use these exercises everyday, or
5. Click here to sing with Ms. Lee

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Rhythm Reading and Clapping Exercises

“Singing Basics” booklet pages How? Ms. Lee's Videos

Rhythm exercises page 5 in “Singing Basics” booklet

Rhythm exercises page 6 in“Singing Basics” booklet

Preview first before starting. Always set a managable speed at the beginning. Try faster speed as the rhythm exercises get easier.

• Click here for a Rhythm 3 video Part 1
• Click here for a Rhythm 3 video Part 2
• Click here for a Rhythm 4 video Part 1
• Click here for a Rhythm 4 video Part 2
• Click here for a Rhythm 4 video Part 3



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"Singing Basics" Songs in pdf files

"Singing Basics" Songs with Piano Only

Ms. Lee's Videos

When necessary, print out the following songs:

1.“Tempo Marks
2. “The Major Scales” and “Accidentals”
3. “16th Notes/Rests” and “16th and 8th Notes”
4. “Dynamics”
5. “Crescendo” and “Diminuendo”
6. “Eighth-Note Triplets” and “Dotted Rhythm”
7. “The Minor Scales” and “The Blue Scales”
8. “Combinations of 16th and 8th Notes”

When necessary, listen to the following songs:

1.“Tempo Marks”
2. “The Major Scales” and “Accidentals”
3. “16th Notes/Rests” and “16th and 8th Notes”
4. “Dynamics”
5. “Crescendo” and “Diminuendo”
6. “Eighth-Note Triplets” and “Dotted Rhythm”
7. “The Minor Scales” and “The Blue Scales”
8. “Combinations of 16th and 8th Notes”

1. Tempo Marks
2. The Major Scales
3. Accidentals
4. Sixteenth Notes/Rests
5. Sixteenth & Eighth Notes
6. Dynamics
7. Crescendo
8. Diminuendo
9. Eighth-Note Triplets
10. Dotted Rhythm
11. The Minor Scales
12. The Blues Scales
13. Combinations of 16th & 8th Notes


Music Theory Exercise

Music Theory Worksheet   Modified Music Theory Workshee for SAI students



"Musical Theater Concert" Songs in pdf files

"Musical Theater Concert" Songs in mp3 files

"Musical Theater Concert" Songs on the internet

When necessary, print out the following songs:

1. “Hatikva”
2. “Flight Song”
3. “76 Trombones”
4. “For We Wish You Music”
When necessary, listen to the following songs:

1. “Hatikva”
2. “Flight Song”
3. “76 Trombones”
4. “For We Wish You Music”

1. “Hatikva”

2. “Flight Song”

3. “76 Trombones”

4. “For We Wish You Music”

5. "For We Wish You Music" by Ms. Lee

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Exercises for better Pronunciation

Date Tongue Twister Selections
8/20/2020 A skunk sat on a stump and thunk the stump stunk, but the stump thunk the skunk stunk!


Musical Games and Online Lessons for Instruments

Music Sudokus Rhythm Games Classical Music Games Drum Lessons Piano Lessons

Music Sudoku is a logic-based, combinatorial musical symbol placement puzzle. The objective is to fill a 9 x 9 grid with musical symbols so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3 x 3 sub-grids that compose the grid contain all of the musical symbols listed on the top of the page. The puzzle provides a partially completed grid, which for a well-posed puzzle has one single solution.


Groove Pizza - a circular rhythm app for creative music making and learning

Classics for Kids - when school is out, music is in, including parents resources


Virtual Drumming - Free games, drum lessons, and drum pattern sheet music

Piano Nanny - Free piano lessons in many levels

Music Sudoku 1
Music Sudoku 2


Chrome Music Lab

Song Maker
Spectrogram Chords
Sound Waves
Arpeggios Melody Maker Voice Spinner Harmonics Piano Roll Oscillators Strings


The Best Music, Arts, and History Links

Names Functions
Library of Congress

Today in History - What happened today in the years past?
Performing Arts - Collections from 10th century Gregorian Chants and beyond
Art and Architecture - From animations, posters, illustrations, blue prints, and more

New York Public Library

E-Book Central
Explore more than 300,000 e-books and audiobooks available for free at NYPL—from children's books to bestsellers. You can also find accessible e-book offerings, learn about downloading e-reader apps to your device, and more.

Google Arts & Culture Explore museums and play with Art Transfer, Pocket Galleries, Art Selfie, and more
Amazon Audible Stories help. They entertain. They teach. They keep young minds active, alert, and engaged. All stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet.
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra The Philharmonie is closed – so we will come to you! Redeem the voucher code BERLINPHIL and receive free access to all concerts and films.
Pacific Symphony Orchestra Our local musicians play for you from their home in Orange County
Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra From Netherlands, the musicians played Beethoven's No.9 "Choral Symphony" individually at home, with a grand choral ending. If you would like to sing along, click here for a singer's score and German pronunciation.


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